Posted: January 2, 2012 in Sponsors
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A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from a reporter at THE PRESS.  The Press is a newspaper publication that is delivered each Friday to every home and business in Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley and surrounding areas.  With over 65,000 papers delivered to each door, as well as local business’, the paper is well-known in East Contra Costa County.

After a short interview, the reporter said he was going to review my website and write a story for the next edition of the paper.  The next Friday I had a half page write-up in the paper, and two weeks later the story re-ran again.

I want to thank The Press for writing the article and for mentioning my website.  I love riding dirt bikes and I love to share it with everyone.

  1. Jay Clegg says:

    Way to Hunter, keep kicking butt.

    • jr brown says:

      wut up hunter!You are the fastest kid that i have ever riden with in my whole life.Dude,you are scary fast;i try to keep up with you,but you pull away sooooooooooooooooo fast! I am going to ask my dad if we can come watch you kick some butt out on the dirt! See ya next time!

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