Posted: November 7, 2011 in Family Info, motocross, Uncategorized
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With the weather getting worse, the tracks won’t always be open for me to go riding.  A few weeks ago my Dad got a new dirt bike and I was so excited because now we can go play……and I can tell my Dad what to do when he is riding. 🙂

Last week we went to Sand Hill just to play, it was so much fun!  The track was really, really bad……it was so slippery and dusty, but that is OK because we were the only people there and we got to just go wherever we wanted and play.

My Dad even let me ride his new 450 in the parking lot…..So Cool!

  1. OURBUGLIFE says:

    It is so awesome that Dad got a bike. But I am not so sure it is awesome that you are riding it! That makes me a little nervous.

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