Posted: October 20, 2011 in Race Results
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Saturday morning we left really early and drove to Turlock to the Oatfield track.  The track usually has a ton a flies and kinda smells funny, but this time it had a million flies and it smelt disgusting!!!!  The track was really good and they had made a couple changes to the layout which was fun.  As always throughout the day the track got really rough and bumpy, but it was good.

Saturday practice went very well, learned the new sections of the track and battled with some of my friends.  After practice we rode bikes, walked the track, and played in the trailers.

Sunday I woke up and it was race day.  I found out that all three of my motos were towards the end of the day and one of my motos was the very last one.  My first class was 85 beginner.  In the first race I got a battled to third and was working hard to get by second place.  For about a lap the second place rider and I went into turns on the inside of each other and coming off side by side.  Going into one turn I took the low line and pinched it to sharp and went down.  As you know when I go down on my 85, I am down until someone comes and helps me.  So lets just say I didn’t end up with a very good finish.  The second race I was able to stay up for the whole race and claim the third place spot.

My next two races were 65 Intermediate and 65 Open.  All four of these races were fun and I had some good battles with some of the other riders.  In my first two races I didn’t get the best starts and had to fight through traffic but was still able to finish in 1st place.  In the second two races I worked on my starts and was able to get the hole shot in both.  I finished one in 1st, but in one I made a mistake at the end of the race and got stuck behind a lapped rider and ended up finishing in second.  Overall it was a good weekend and I rode really hard and even made a few changes that I will be able to take with me to other tracks.

I was wearing my sisters sunglasses all weekend.


  1. OURBUGLIFE says:

    I am glad you had a good weekend. And those glasses are ridiculous 🙂 lol

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