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Part 6 of 7

DAY SIX (Friday) – 3 RACES

Day six was another full day of racing with three races spread throughout the day.

The first race was my 65 Stock.   I battled with some kids and finished up in 7th place.

The second race was 50 Stock and it was another great race with a 4th place finish.

The last race of the day was 65 Mod.  I did fall over in a turn, but was able to get back up and get all but one of my spots back to finish in 7th place.

After my races, I watched the Pro’s race.  They were so fast, it was really cool to watch them ride.  This is a picture of me with Eric McCrummen #104 when he went into the top 5 tent after his race…Good job Eric!

My sponsor, Moto Efx, was at every race to support me and cheer me on.  On Friday they had some girls at their booth and I took some pictures with them.

Thank you Moto Efx for all your support!


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