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Part 3 of 7

DAY THREE (Tuesday) – 4 RACES

Today was the start of racing and I was so excited to get started.  I had one race on each of my four bikes.

My first race was 69 Stock and I would be on the line with 33 other riders.  When the gate dropped I got a pretty good start and worked my way to 4th place.  I had two falls during this race, although I got my bike up and going fast I lost several positions.  I was able to finish up the race with an 8th place.

The second race was 50 Stock and even though I was a little late out of the gate, I was able to work my way through and finish in 2nd place.

The third race of the day was 65 Mod.  It was getting really hot and I raced a hard to get a 6th place finish.

The fourth and last race of the day was my 50 Mod and I was able to get another 2nd place finish.

The top 5 finishers of each race have to stop “under the tent” after the race incase there is a protest.  It is really cool to be able to stop under the tent, and I was able to go to the tent twice today.

It was a very long and hot day so I showered and played some Xbox with my friends.  My Dad washed the bikes and made some changes for the next day of racing.

My friends and I had fun riding the mechanical bull.


  1. OURBUGLIFE says:

    I love your new gear and you are looking fierce! I can’t wait to come watch you again!

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