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Part 2 of 7


Monday morning I woke up and got ready to get on the track for the first time.  Even thought I will be racing 4 classes on 4 different bikes, I only get two fifteen minute practices on the track.  15 minutes for the 50cc bikes and 15 minutes for the 65cc bikes.

I worked to quickly figure out what jumps I could clear from the inside and which parts of the track I would have to take high lines.  I got my rhythm through the whoops and worked to find the best way through the turns in the deep rice hulls.

Both of my practice sessions were pretty early in the day, but some of the people who I race with practiced again later in the day so I watched their practices to see how the track changed in the afternoon.

All of the practice session were over early so my friends and I played in the rice hulls some more.

Every night they have an activity and I decided to enter my dog Tobi in the costume show.  We always call Tobi the Grinch, so we got some green hair paint and painter her green.  She was soooo cute and did so good on the stage.  Everyone loved The Grinch!


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