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This last weekend they had a lot of beginner 50 riders and I was thinking back to when I first started racing…..I can’t believe how far I have come!

In May of 2008 I raced my first ever race, well it was not exactly a race… was just a lap in a race.  I went to Argyll MX in Dixon to race my bike.  We watched the other kids and I kept looking at all the hills and jumps and I wanted to race, but I was nervous to go on the track.  My Dad told me that if I did just one lap he would give me $20.  That was all it took, but I was so excited about the money I went around for one lap and pulled off the track and had my hand out for the money.  I didn’t finish the race, but I did collect my winnings.

December of 2008 I raced my first full race at Hollister MX track.  This time I was looking for a trophy and wanted to finish the race.  I was able to finish my first official race and get 5th out of 10 riders.

I rode my dirt bike a little more, but I raced Go Karts every weekend.  I did good racing Go Karts, but I really liked the dirt bike.  My Dad tried to take me to ride my dirt bike a couple times a month, when we were not at the Go Kart track.

I learned how to flag incase racing doesn’t pan out….It is always good to have a back up plan.

February 2009 during practice at Club Moto in Livermore, I broke my Tib/Fib in half and some bones in my foot.  1 wheelchair, 2 crutches, 4 casts, 1 walkingboot, and 7 months later I was able to walk again, then a couple of months of rehab.  My parents wanted me to quite riding dirt bikes and bought me a new Go Kart.  I told them “What am I going to do with that….I’m a dirt bike rider.”  I slowly got back on my dirt bike and started to practice to get my leg back into shape.

The end of 2009 I officially stopped racing my Go Kart and worked on getting better on my dirt bike.  I started out the 2010 racing year as a dirt bike racer and ran several series and raced at many different tracks.

  • 2010 CMC Trans Cal MX Series (7 races) 3 First Place Championships
  • 2010 Argyll Night Series (8 races) 2 Second Place Finishes
  • 2010 CMC Spring Classic MX Series (8 races) 3 First Place Championships
  • CMC Golden State Muscle Milk Series (6 races) First Place and Third Place
  • 2010 Washougal, WA National Race – Second Place and Sixth Place
  • 2010 Dodge Amateur Nationals – Fifth Place, Sixth Place and Seventh Place

At the End of 2010 I started this website so you have been keeping up with the 2011 dirt bike season….here is a re-cap:

  • E-Street Hangtown Race – 3 First Place Finishes
  • 2011 Oatfield Monster Energy Road To Mammoth Qualifier – 2 First Place Finishes
  • 2011 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Area Qualifier – First Place and Fourth Place
  • 2011 CMC Spring Classic (7 races) 2 First Place Championships
  • 2011 Hollister Hills Memorial Day MX Championship – 3 First Place Finishes and 1 Third Place Finish
  • 2011 Washougal, WA National Race – First Place and Fourth Place
  • 2011 408MX Summer Series (5 races) 2 First Place Championships
  • 2011 AMP Oatfield Race – Second Place and Fourth Place

To be continued……

  1. OURBUGLIFE says:

    I can’t believe it has only been two years of racing for you. You have come such a long way little bro! Nick and I are so proud of you and we love watching you race. Keep up the good work.

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