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Saturday was the last round of the 408mx Summer Series and at the end of the night the Series Champions were crowned.

The day started with practice and I was riding really well during the day.  We had a short break then it was time to start racing.  The night started out a little rough…..  In my first 65 race I had a bad start and had to fight through traffic to race my way to the front, and after a couple laps I was able to take the lead.  While I was in the lead I went over the back triple and as I rounded the turn toward the finish line I hit a large rock on the track and my bike went crazy and I flipped.  I finished up the race in third place, I was pretty sore and I hurt my shoulder, but I was OK.  The second 65 race of the night ended much better and I came in first.  With the way all the other riders finished for the night, I went third and first and ended the night with a 1st overall.

The 85 races for the night were also a little difficult.  They moved the 85 race to the last race of the night, and by the time I hit the track it was pretty rough.  I raced really well, but it was difficult to compete with the big wheel 150cc bikes in my class.  I raced really hard and finished a very close third to the two big wheel bikes in my class.  They were both really exciting races and everyone was fighting hard.

Between the first and second round of racing, the moon started to come out and everyone was treated to a BBQ.  The food was great and it was really fun to sit with everyone and hangout a little.  At the end of the night the series awards were given out and I was a TWO TIME 408MX SUMMER SERIES CHAMPION!  I was able to come in 1st in both of the classes that I raced the full series.  (I did race more classes throughout the series when fast racers showed up, but only raced two classes for the entire series.)

It was really cool to race under the lights this summer… Thanks 408MX

I want to give an extra thanks to Moto Efx Graphics for making my bike look amazing under the lights.

A final thanks to my family for coming to my races and practices all the time!

P.S.  Even though the title says “The Race Is Over,” it is only over at that track.  See you at the next race!

  1. G & G says:

    CONGRATULATIONS HUNTER!!!!!!! Way to go. Good luck at next series. love ya. G & G

  2. OURBUGLIFE says:

    I love the moon pic! And the funny pic… You kicked butt brody! Check my blog tomorrow, got a surprise for you!

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