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Saturday night we decided to go to Los Banos for the night race, when we got to the track it was over 100 degrees outside.

The track was like nothing I ever rode before and I was excited to see what it was like.  I wrote before about supercross-vs-motocross….. I do motocross and the track at Los Banos is supercross.

The track looked really different with a lot of rhythm sections.  It was a little hard to figure out how to go through the rhythm sections the fastest way with only 5 laps of practice…..then it was time to start the races.

At this track we have to put transponders on our bikes and they record lap times.  Practice went pretty good!  On my 65 I was the 2nd fastest bike and on my 50 I was the fastest bike on the track.

When the races started I did good on my 50 but had a bunch of bad luck on my 65.

Both of my 50 races I got the hole shot and was able to stay out front for the wins.  I had not practiced on my 50 in a few months and it was fun to ride it again.

My 65 races were both kinda a mess.  I had a really good start in the first race, I was in second and gaining on first when I made a mistake and fell down.  I got back up and was racing back to the front through traffic.  I was right behind second place going around a large sweeper turn and the rider in front of me went down…..I had no place to go and crashed right into him and flew over the front of my bike.  In the second race I had a good start again and was again in second place when I slide out in one of the turns.  I got back up and again had to fight through traffic back to the front.  As I was passing a rider on the outside of a turn, he drove straight and him and I both crashed over the top of the burm.

After all the regular races they had the Top Gun main event.  This was a race with some really fast riders all working toward the $1100 purse.  The riders started staggered around the track with the fastest riders about a lap down.  It was a really fun race to watch and congrats to Jessy Nelson for coming from behind to win.

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