Posted: May 18, 2011 in Family Info, Pictures
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If my bike breaks down I give my Dad a hard time…..I call him a saboteur!  lol  So now my Dad makes me do some of the work. 

Since it has been raining and I can’t go riding this week my Dad and I replaced the top end of the motor on my 65.  I took the top end off, cleaned all the surfaces, put on new gaskets, a new piston, and put it back together.  It was really cool to take the motor apart and then have is start right up after I put it back together. 

  1. grandma linda says:

    way to go hunter. start learning early. It is not about just riding dirt bikes but how to fix them also. keep up the good work. love ya G

  2. OURBUGLIFE says:

    thats awesome that you are helping your dad… plus chicks dig it when guys can fix stuff!

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