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This weekend we were RAINED OUT…… We were supposed to have a race at 408MX this weekend, but it was cancelled because of the expected rain. 

All week I was excited about the race at 408 and I was very sad that it was cancelled.  

Wednesday was my Mom’s Birthday and the family had cake for her. 

My Mom loved having the family all together, so I did not go to practice. 


On Thursday My Dad and I went to 408MX in San Jose.  It had been a long time since I had been to that track, so it was fun to work on the turns, jumps, and whoops. 

On Saturday we decided to go to Hollister Hills MX track to practice.  Practice was fun!  The track was really sandy and I had to remember to ride my bike a little different than I usually do.  I don’t ride on thick sand very often, so it was really good practice.  Hollister has some really big table top jumps, about 70ft.  My friend and I were on our 65’s jumping one of the jumps at the same time, and his tire hit mine in the air and I went flying.  It was a hard fall from pretty high up, but I was ok. 

I also like riding at Hollister because they have “The Elevator Shaft.”  It is so fast and fun!

 .  I love going down the elevator shaft and jumping out the other side.


  1. OURBUGLIFE says:

    Watching you this weekend was awesome! you rock uncle71.

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