Posted: February 15, 2011 in motocross, Pictures, Race Results, Uncategorized
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This weekend we decided to go to the E-Street race at Hangtown.  Since the track was not open Friday night for camping, we got up early Saturday morning and headed out to Hangtown.   I had a black eye from a fall I had taken from practice during the week.  It was a little fall, but my goggles hit my eye and left it bruised and swollen.

Practice on Saturday went well on both the 50 and 65.  After practice my family went on a ride in my sister, Hailey’s, polaris.  I walked the track with my Mom and she had a hard time climbing to the top of some of the jumps…..it was so funny.  I rode my bike around with some of my fiends and then my family watched a movie.

We got up early Sunday and got ready to go racing.  The first round of races went really well and I finished 1st in my 65 race and both of my 50 races.  The second round I started on my 50 and I was about a half a lap in the lead and my bike stopped going and was making a really bad sound.  The rear sprocket had been sheered off the rear wheel and the chain was just spinning.  Even though it was a DNF, my family was so happy that I was riding so well.  The last two races of the second round I finished both with strong first place finishes.

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