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Saturday we went to Supercross and it was so much fun!

We got to the pits early and I was so excited to see everyone.  I saw all my friends that I race with and all of  the pro riders.  We saw my good friend Rodney Smith (5-time Brazilian Motocross Champion, 5-time AMA Enduro champion, 2-time AMA Hare Scramble Champion, 2-time ISDE Gold Medalist, and 5-time GNCC Champion.)  Rodney invited my family into the THOR/PARTS UNLIMITED VIP Tent.  It was so nice of him and it was totally cool.  Rodney introduced me to the people from Thor and Parts Unlimited and they were so nice.  It was such an amazing thing to be able to do and it was all thanks to Rodney.  While I was in the Thor tent we got to see Ryan Villopoto, Jake Weimer, Josh Hansen, Broc Tickle, Tylar Rattray, and more.

I got to take a picture next to the number 71 bike……I can’t wait until that is my bike!

After hanging out in the pits for several hours it was time to go watch some racing.  The track was so crazy.  It was a tight track with some really big jumps.  I couldn’t believe it started raining….really?  We were lucky that my Dad had huge garbage bags in the trunk of his car to help keep us dry.  We all looked stupid, but not as stupid as the people that were wet and cold.

For a little while we could see a rainbow above the track.

My Mom and I went back into the pits right after they were closed and we were able to talk with a lot of the riders one on one.  I got a lot of autographs and James Stewart’s gloves.  We went back out to watch the races and they were awesome.  Because it was raining outside the track was wet and slippery and made for really good racing!

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