Posted: January 3, 2011 in Family Info, motocross

I wanted to stay up all night to bring in the new year.  I played yatzee and watched movies with the family and fell asleep on the coach at 11:45.  My Mom woke me up just before midnight so I didn’t miss anything.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It rained all weekend and I have been waiting to get out and go riding.  The weather looks like it will start to clear up and we can begin the winter racing season.  My first race will be this weekend in Livermore at Club Moto.  I am hoping to be able to get out and practice at least one day this week.  I will practice all day Saturday in Livermore to get ready for the Sunday race.  I am hoping to go to some new tracks this winter and have fun getting ready for summer races.

Wish me luck!

  1. OURBUGLIFE says:

    NYE was fun buddy. You are the best brother ever. I can’t wait to see your race this weekend! and that picture is SICK!

  2. Carnes Family says:

    Good luck be their to watch

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