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Back in school from the Thanksgiving Holiday and back to a routine.  It is a little hard to plan to far in advance when I am going dirt bike riding, because it really depends on the rain.  😦  It seems like when I think I might go riding it is raining or has rained too much to go.  How much longer till summer time?

I got my report card from school.  My parents were so happy with me because I am doing very good in school.  They like it when my homework is all turned in and I get good grades on my math, and my spelling is getting better (no spell check in class).  My family is also very happy with my behavior in class.  I got really good marks and my teacher told them that I am good in class. Yah!  Over break the family went bowling to celebrate my great report card……Hailey won, but I came in second.

My teacher recommended I start reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books.  I don’t really like to read a lot, unless it is about a dirt bikes, but this book was really good.  I could not put the book down and I had to keep reading to see what was going to happen next.

As you can see….the book is really funny and I can totally relate….. 🙂


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