Posted: October 4, 2010 in Pictures

Now home from the Dodge Amateur Motocross Nationals and it is rainy, cold and windy.  What happened to the weather?  I was sitting in the 110 degree sun with all my gear on for thirty plus minutes waiting to race….then racing on a huge dirt track that felt like riding through a desert.  I can’t believe it is overcast and windy this week. 

I want to thank my Mom, Dad and Sister Hailey for all the support this week.  Auntie Cheryl and Mike came out to watch me a couple of days and even washed my gear so I could look great.  Another big thank you to MAC Industries for the generator and letting me come over to go swimming so I could cool off.

We spent all afternoon Saturday and all day Sunday washing the bikes and gear and getting everything back in order.   Time for next week.  Weather permitting I hope to practice this week and get ready for the next race in Chico.

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