Dodge Day 5 (10-02-10)

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Pictures, Race Results, Uncategorized

The final day at Dodge started early with two 50cc races, Mod and Stock.  I was able to battle but because of the earlier falls I was only able to pull out a 6th and 7th place overall.

The final race of Dodge was my 65cc Mod final race.  What a final race!  Started out great and had a big battle with a few of the riders.  I passed a rider, he got me back, and I was able to get him back again.  Every turn was intense and all the riders were fighting to get to the front.  While going around one of the turns another rider and I were bar to bar battling.  The other boy was so close he was using his elbow to try to push me over.  This race was a fight from start to finish and was so much fun.  I finished the race with a hard-earned 16th and finished out the class with a 20th overall.

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