Dodge Day 4 (10-01-10)

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Pictures, Race Results, Uncategorized

Day 4 we had only two races and it was the final moto in two classes.

I started the day racing the 50cc Open final moto.  Dad made big changes and the bike was perfect and back to how I like it.  I had a great race and after all three moto’s were done I finished with a 5th place overall.

The second race was the final moto of the 65cc Stock class.  I rocked out from start to finish and ended with a 16th place overall finish in the class.

Later that night all of the venders put on a fashion show and my sister was one of the models.  It was so cool to watch her model the clothes and I was able to cheer for her.  Way to go Hailey!

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