Dodge Day 2 (09-29-10)

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Pictures, Race Results, Uncategorized

After the first day of racing was over, we found that the shock on my 50cc bike was bad.  We were able to have the people at the track re-build the shock.  We found that having the shock re-built made a huge difference in the suspension of the bike.  With no practice time…we were unable to make any changes to the bike until we watched it in the race.

First thing in the morning we had race 1… 50cc Stock.  Had a pretty good start, but the bike was not easy to ride and was really hard to hold onto.  I was riding around most of the track on the front tire because the back kept kicking up through the ruts.  Finished 6th

Second race was the 65cc Mod race.  I had a really good start and was in the front of the pack.  My front end washed out and I fell on the second lap.  I finally got help holding up my bike so I could get it started but I was now in last place.  I battled back and started passing riders one at a time.  I came out with a 20th place finish.

Third race was 50cc Open.  This bike had the same problem that the Stock bike had earlier in the day and was a very rough ride.  Again I finished in 6th place.

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