Posted: September 17, 2010 in Family Info, Pictures, Uncategorized

On Monday I went into surgery to remove the rock that was under my skin just under my right eye.

The surgery went well!  The doctor thinks everything was removed and I am healing well.  Everything is looking great with the eye and I am clear to race in Hollister this weekend!

MORE INFO:  The rock is left over from a bicycle accident I had on July 21st.  We traveled 12 hours to Washougal Washington to race in a National Event.  While I was waiting for dinner, I had an accident on my bicycle.  Along with a ton of road rash I also broke my nose.  Although I was hurting, I was determined to race my dirt bike.  I finished 6th overall on my 65 and 2nd overall on my 50.  Not bad for one good eye!!!!

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